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To contact a member of staff by email, just click on their name in the table below.  Staff will endeavour to respond to your email within two working days.  If your query is urgent please contact the School Office on 01582 616400. 

Senior Leadership Team

Role Outline


Mr Steve Kelly


Mrs Catherine McManus

Head of School; Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Karen Wildey

Business Manager

Mr Spencer Rudkin

Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour & Attendance); Lead Designated Safeguarding Officer; Leader of Restorative Practice; Teacher of Maths

Mr Greg Davis

Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning); Leader of Geography; Teacher of Maths; Educational Visits Coordinator

Miss Angie Wright

Leader of KS2; Teacher of KS2

Mrs Deborah Bastiani

Leader of Personal Development; Leader of Science

Teaching staff

Role Outline

Tutor Group

Mrs Mariann Ashmore

Teacher of Science; Year 8 Pastoral Leader

Green 3

Miss Emma Blakey

Teacher of English; Leader of English (KS3)

Green 6

Mr Diccon Burr

Teacher of Food & Textiles

Green 4

Mr Neill Campbell


Purple 7

Ms Julia Chippendale

Instructor of RM

Miss Robyn Clerkin

Cover Supervisor

Purple 7

Miss Jess Cooke

Leader of Physical Education


Mrs Jacqui Cooney

Cover Supervisor


Mrs Caitlin Cooper

Teacher of English (KS3); Year 6 Pastoral Leader


Ms Anya Cusack

Teacher of KS2; Year 5 Pastoral Leader

Purple 2

Mr Jake Devereux

Teacher of Geography

Red 6

Ms Hayley Dunnigan

Leader of Chiltern


Mrs Caroline Evans

Teacher of KS2

Purple 3

Miss Cristina Ferrer Carrasco

Teacher of Science

Red 4

Mr Gavin Fowler

Leader of Computing

Red 1

Mrs Jane Hawkins

Leader of Mathematics (KS3)

Mr Stephen Hill

Teacher of Music

Yellow 3

Miss Charlotte Hughes

Teacher of English & Humanities; Leader of English (KS3)

Green 6

Mrs Lisa Hutchins

Assistant Leader of Maths (KS2)


Miss Kelly Lara

Teacher of English

Yellow 5

Mr Gordon Leach

Teacher of KS2

Yellow 1

Mr Graham Lumley

Teacher of KS2

Yellow 6

Mrs Lorraine Horan

Cover Supervisor

Red 7

Miss Kelly Moncrieffe

Teacher of KS2 & KS3; Cover Teacher

Purple 4

Mrs Tina Mundy

Leader of English (KS2)

Mr James Murphy

Teacher of KS2

Purple 1

Miss Fabienne Pineau

Teacher of French

Yellow 4

Miss Rebecca Pottinger

Cover Supervisor

Purple 6

Mrs Catherine Pound

Cover Supervisor

Red 2

Mr Martin Pullen

Teacher of KS2 & KS3

Red 5

Mrs Clare Purcell

Leader of PSHCE and ETC

Green 1

Miss Sophia Quyyum

Leader of Art & Design Technology

Green 5

Mr John Shaw

Leader of History

Green 2

Mrs Rosemary Skalecki

Leader of French

Yellow 3

Mrs Joanna Smale

Leader of Music

Red 3

Mr Karim Tfifha

Leader of Boys' Physical Education


Mrs Dana White

Teacher of KS2

Purple 5

Miss Carol Wood

Teacher of KS2

Yellow 2

Non-teaching Staff

Role Outline


Mrs Donna Ptolomey

Pastoral Support Coordinator (KS2)

Mrs Lisa Wilson

Pastoral Support Coordinator (KS3)

Mrs Sharon Wise-Sharp

Pastoral Support Coordinator (KS3); Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer; Year 7 Pastoral Leader


Mrs Annalise McKenna

Senior Teaching Assistant

Green 7

Mrs Rachel Farnsworth

Senior Teaching Assistant

Yellow 7

Mr Will Sides

Learning Mentor


Mrs Frances Hayden

Attendance Officer