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“I am delighted to welcome you to Arnold Academy. Situated on the outskirts of Barton-le-Clay, our thriving, friendly and successful school is recognised as providing an excellent all round education for our pupils in a caring and safe environment."

"Our academy is built on the foundation of a strong community, underpinned by positive relationships and shared values. This lies at the core of all that we do. We aim to provide the best teaching for our pupils, delivered through an exciting and challenging curriculum. In this way, we aim to ensure that every pupil will leave Arnold having enjoyed their experience, developed as a person and reached their full potential.
I hope that our website gives you a flavour of life at Arnold Academy and an idea of what we can offer you and your child. However, the best way to find out more is by paying us a visit and meeting some of our wonderful pupils and staff. You will always be made welcome.”

Steve Kelly



Coronavirus Updates

We are closely monitoring the advice and guidance from the Government and Public Health England.

We will publish the latest advice in regard to the coronavirus outbreak here,

together with any news and updates relating specifically to our school


School Status 

In line with government guidance, we are open to all children. However, as you will expect, there are a great number of measures we have had to take in order to keep our pupils, staff and their families as safe as possible.
Teaching Groups
Children have been organised into groups (or ‘Bubbles’) of no more than thirty.  These are mixed ability groups based mainly on previous forms.  Desks in classrooms have been positioned in rows, facing the front and a teacher zone taped off in each room.  We will do everything possible to minimise mixing outside of these groups.
The school has also been separated into different zones, one for each year group.  Pupils from different year groups will not be allowed to enter other zones.  The zones will have designated entrances and toilets.
Similar arrangements have been put in place for the playground and school field.
Start and end of school day
In order to minimise contact between pupils, we will have a staggered start and end to the school day.
Timings are determined by the mode of transport for getting to school. They are as follows:
  • Pupils who travel by car to arrive at 8.30am and be collected at 3.15pm (1.50pm on Fridays)
  • Pupils who walk to arrive at 8.35am and leave at 3.20pm (1.55pm on Fridays)
  • Pupils who use school transport to arrive at 8.40am and leave at 3.25pm (2.00pm on Fridays)
Parents who are bringing or collecting their child by car should remain in their car and leave the car park as quickly as possible. If you are collecting your child on foot, you should wait by the front of the school and not gather around the school gate. Pupils should not be dropped off before the times specified as we want to avoid large, mixed pupil groups gathering and there will be no supervision by school staff. Breakfast club will not be operating as it would mean mixing children from different bubbles and year groups. We will also not be able to provide any supervision of children after school so it is essential that arrangements are made for their return home immediately at the end of the school day.
Face Coverings
Guidance on the use of face coverings in school has been subject to much debate and change in recent weeks. After consultation with senior staff and governors, we have decided that all pupils will be required to wear a face covering for movement indoors around school and other indoor shared areas. The current guidance suggests they are not necessary in the classroom or outdoor spaces. We would also strongly suggest that all pupils wear face coverings on school transport, even if they are below the age of eleven. We are unable to provide face coverings for pupils and request that parents provide appropriate masks. We do not want face coverings to become a ‘fashion competition’ amongst children, so plain or unbranded patterned masks are preferable. We do not intend to ‘punish’ children for not wearing a mask and if there are legitimate medical reasons for not wearing one that is entirely acceptable. However, the wearing of masks is for everybody’s protection, and not just the wearer, so we would hope everybody at Arnold will show high levels of responsibility and care for others.
Lunch and Break Time
Please remember, we are a nut free school as we have a number of staff and pupils with severe allergies.
Pupils will eat lunch in their classroom. You will need to provide your child with a packed lunch as the school kitchen will not be open for the time being. Packed lunch style dinners will be provided for pupils eligible for free school meals. To avoid accumulating food waste in classrooms, pupils will be required to take home all unconsumed food and packaging. Tables will be cleaned after children have eaten. If you would like your child to have a healthy snack at break time, such as a piece of fruit or cereal bar, you will need to provide it as the break time snacks we usually offer will not be available. Lunch and break times will be staggered for different year groups so they will not be on the playgrounds, fields or shared areas at the same time. We hope to be able to resume a catering service in the near future.
Equipment and Belongings
Pupils will need to bring their own pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener and reading book. They may also bring coloured pencils, a glue stick and a whiteboard pen. We would also like pupils to bring their own set of earphones as they will be using computers on a daily basis. Pupils in KS3 will need a calculator. These items should remain in school. There will be no sharing of equipment. Pupils will be given a clear plastic wallet to keep their belongings in. We would also like pupils to bring a full water bottle in every day as the drinking fountains will be out of use. We want to minimise excess ‘clutter’ in classrooms so large school bags will not be necessary. Once equipment has been brought to school, it will remain in the classroom so all that needs to be brought in daily is a lunchbox and a small bag for personal belongings. Lockers will not be in use for the time being so coats will be kept on the backs of chairs.
Mobile phones
We do not recommend that phones are brought into school. If your child needs to have a phone with them, it will be kept in their plastic wallet, switched off at all times. If a pupil misuses their phone, they will be banned from bringing it in to school. We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any phones that are brought into school.
We would like pupils to wear full school uniform as per the school website. Additionally, we will require pupils with long hair to tie it up. On days when PE is taught, pupils should come to school in PE kit. Plain, dark (black or navy) tracksuit trousers can be worn over shorts. School jumpers may be worn over PE tops on colder days.
The reason for this is that changing rooms will not be in use.
Hand-washing and Hygiene
We will be encouraging much more hand-washing than usual and all classrooms will have hand sanitiser in them to be used at the start of the day and after break and lunchtimes. Classrooms will also have a supply of antiseptic cleaner, tissues etc, to be used throughout the school day. There will also be a higher intensity cleaning regime in place.
Preventative Action
Pupils will be taught about the preventative actions they can take to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. This includes recognising the symptoms of Covid-19 and how they should respond if they or someone else start to display them. Measures have also been put in place if anybody displays symptoms during the school day.
Testing kits may be available in school for pupils whose families will find it difficult to take them to a testing centre.
The unique situation we find ourselves in means we have had to place an even greater emphasis on the safety and health of pupils and staff and, as such, our behaviour policy has been amended to reflect the current circumstances. Pupils will be expected to maintain social distancing and other rules to reduce risk at all times. If a child is unable to behave in a safe manner, thereby putting themselves and others at risk, they may be at risk of exclusion. Furthermore, we will not be able to operate our usual Pastoral Hub or Reflection Room, where pupils sometimes attend if their behaviour has been unacceptable. Therefore, there is an increased likelihood that a child would be externally excluded, rather than internally isolated if behaviour is unacceptable. We appreciate this may cause inconvenience for some families but it is not something we can compromise on in the present circumstances.
Planners and Plastic Wallets
All pupils will be given a planner and A3 plastic wallet on the first day of term. The wallet will be to keep equipment in during the school day. The cost of these items is £3.50 for the year. This includes new planners at the start of the spring and summer terms. Payment for these should be made to the school via online direct transfer to Arnold Academy at: Lloyds Bank Sort Code 30 94 30 A/C number 26920268 Quoting the child’s name and reference planner
Other Information
There are many other ways our school has been affected by the current situation and we will continue to update you as to further developments, however, for the time being there will be no extra-curricular clubs, sports fixtures, trips, visits or social events such as discos. It is also very likely that parent consultations and open evenings will have to take a different form for the time being.
You have already been informed of your child’s ‘Bubble’ group. Please write this down and give it to your child to bring to school on their first day. This will really help us in organising the children as they arrive at school.
The new systems and rules we have put in place may seem quite stringent compared to the way we previously operated but in these times it is essential that the safety of all is the highest priority. We know that many of our pupils (and their parents) will be feeling anxious about returning to school but we pride ourselves on our caring community and will ensure that pastoral support and emotional wellbeing are given high levels of consideration.

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Updated 16 October 2020